One night a forest grew..

Chapter 1 Outskirts of a town named Rudrapalem, There lay a land of about more than a hundred acres covered in untamed growth of grass but far from being abandoned with oak –brown trees growing forever, standing there serenely in green gold lushness, making it a home to screeching jays and scurrying squirrels but nothing … Continue reading One night a forest grew..

Art for Soul….Abstract Expressionism..!

I happened to love, abstract art work, for the reason,you no longer need to make your work look like reality to experience it. It is deeply influenced by artist's self-expression and tumult of his subconscious, with the subject that can be highly elusive for the viewers. Its the new way of looking things that can … Continue reading Art for Soul….Abstract Expressionism..!

Lazy Morning Muffins..!!

Every now and then, we deserve to have a lazy Sunday morning to refuel ourselves. Nevertheless, you do crave for hunger satisfying morning meal too. I wanted to early start my slothful Sunday with something sweet as an incentive. I found the ripened bananas on the dinner table and decided to put use of them … Continue reading Lazy Morning Muffins..!!

Greatest joy in smallest things…Miniature Gardening!

I remember , as a child I loved spending time in soil , planting the seeds, taken from plants near the patio and watering them as a part of happy playtime as it was one thing with no rules for me and my brother from our parents. Those were the sweet memories I had about gardening, … Continue reading Greatest joy in smallest things…Miniature Gardening!