Letter to the world by God


To the World of Humans ,

I watched you, discriminate yourselves in black and white,

I watched you, deem others unequal with a glance of their caste and profession,

I watched you, fight with your brothers over a religion,

I watched you, make your partner feel, emotionally weak,

I watched you, hate your brothers over a gender,

I watched you, wage wars over land and water,

I watched you, kill nature inhumanly to show your supremacy,

What gave you the right to denigrate others , trample their lives with injustice questioning their existence?

When I created you all, you were fashioned for love, now i see you today,

With wretched heart, the greatest glory becoming an unfortunate tragedy

I still watch over you, even when you cut those ties in your heart with me

Sometimes I wonder, if all this, I created was to live over again, would it be any different?

Even when my faith in you to change wavers, Hope of you to be kind shatters,

My Love for you never ceases.

For this Love , today you exist, but, the time’s ticking, to evolve by yourself,

broken to be made whole, lost to be found by oneself in this world of chaos.

To my belief in you, I wish to see this world,

Filled with Love, Laughter and kindness,

as a happy family, making me proud

Yours Loving,


Pic Source: alreadyanswered.org



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