Thoughts on beginner’s Portrait love!

Thoughts on beginner’s Portrait love!

Her drawings are influenced mostly by other painters,rather than from her own observation. she lacked the talent, she thought.But, she never stopped drawing,for , it brought her peace.She found and lost herself to it.
She always wanted to draw what she truly saw.But,never did she had the urge to do it. Until , on one of the bad days, she felt the silent devoted companionship of their pet dog that came from no other source.she found her inspiration in this pup and then came this.



She liked and disliked her work.

Liked because it was her first portrait and disliked as he looked way lot better in reality.

She concentrated on his eyes and his facial expression this time.she noticed his eyes ,those said a lot about him.Eyes tell the whole story and can capture one’s soul if done right, she thought.

An attempt again!! (Original)
Same as above with Photo format edit!

She knew she is still learning , discovering how to see the world to make it into her canvas.Till then,keep seeing she thought to herself.

May be some day she’ll do it right.


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