Who saves who?

This post is in support of Adopt a dog month.!

These poems are dedicated to all the dog parents and their dogs, who proved the remarkable power of human animal bond, changing their lives  and making world a little better.It is not just we humans saving them, but how helpful they can be with a little training and improve the quality of lives for many of us.

Really , Who saves who?

To the best parent,

In the couch, dreaming of us, I wait

Wishing I could speak human, I curse my fate

With sound of your gait, I run up to the gate,

I welcome you with my tail wagging,

And my tongue dragging

Sitting beside you on the couch, I munch on my bread

wanting you to give a pat on my head.

You put up with my woofs for walks, I demand

Even with my tantrums you love me enough to withstand

I won’t let you lose a ball,

Because I will fetch it even if I have to climb a wall

It is, the nights, that are long,

I find peace in sleeping with you along.

I doze off, with you beside, warmly

When you are not around I cherish this, fondly

You saved me, when you gave me a home and adopted me.

I promised myself to love you fur-ever as a fee.

Yours loving furry child, (with tail wagging till you read this 😉 )


To the great doggie in the world,

I still remember the day when I brought you home,

You were a pup, so sleepy and lazy to roam.

You woke up to the sound of toys to play,

You have no clue, how that made my day

Things got chewed up and tore up, as you grew

It’s no comparison to the joy and companionship of you.

With a hug, you gave me your heart,

That I will cherish, till I from myself depart.

Your twinkling eyes looking at me, made me feel extra ordinary,

When people treated me less than ordinary

You taught me unwavering fidelity and unconditional love,

Showing, for that, you don’t need angels from above

From the day I adopted, you never left my side

Living every moment, waiting for a ride

Giving you home, I took a pride

Now I don’t feel it like a home, without you inside.


Pic Source:www.softcollarsshop.com & http://www.mnn.com


2 thoughts on “Who saves who?

  1. Exactly! ” Who saves who?” Each time I foster a rescue dog with a thought that I made an attempt to save a life, I end up feeling the other way round. The love, affection and faith that a dog or say for that matter , any rescued non-human animal can give back for the tiny little things we do for them, is so profound and life enriching.


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