Thanks to Generous nature of nature..!


I happened to read a blog post on saving Rhinos from extinction, yesterday being World Rhinos Day.

I got curious and checked the endangered species in WWF website to find a list of over a 100 other species. Not to mention, about the species that might have got extinct even before, we discover their existence on this earth. No denying, that we became so obsessed with ourselves, that we forgot that we, and wild life are all one family connected to mother earth.

As we evolved to modern humans from great apes, I guess, we lost compassion towards other creatures in wild and developed an urge to dominate them. We have successfully conquered their part of earth in the name of civilization progress. Even with lot of advancement, we, humans still succumb to our fears and greed, towards the species, for whom, we are obligated to protect their habitat for co-existence with us. We need to understand, they too have emotion and  can reason, like us. Apparently, their reason to attack if they can is deduced, considering our pressure on them in the process of our evolution. It’s ironic, when it is our responsibility to maintain the balance, as we extract a decent amount of the wild life for our consumption; we tend to talk about their conservation as a virtuous initiative by us. We miss the fact that, we don’t get to decide any one’s fate, only nature does. If it wasn’t for the generous nature of nature, we wouldn’t stand a chance if it messes with us.

Though, it took us some generations, to realize, with the pace we are advancing, vandalizing the natural ecosystems, that we are doing more harm to ourselves. Irrespective of that, it’s still comforting to see now, that we have laws to protect wildlife and nature, even it’s already too late for the damage happened, for us to make things right. But this brings hope to the future of mankind, for the reason we have reacted to the conservation . I feel, nature has this profound connection of making things right.

I’m not a wildlife conservation activist or anything. I’m just a random selfish human, who loves scenic nature and wild life and wants to let the generations to come witness the beauty too. It’s for us to leave a legacy for our future humans to honor every life and know, no life is less deserving on the earth.

Thanks to all the humane humans doing their bit in conserving nature and wildlife!


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