Rain, Rain and Rain..!!

Heavy clouds welled up with rain eclipsing the tired sun,

who is supposed to shine all afternoon.

In repose lay the lonely star in the velvet sky.

Rain fades away into the land to pacify the seething heat

Below the rocky earth’s crust bringing out the heat held till now.

Rain drops woke up the hibernating seed beneath the soil,

Showers its love, wanting it to grow.

Birds flew home to lay cozy on getting wet,

to the green foliage or dry tree stump.

Rain brought us smiling faces of happy kids,

For, came the time of paper boats and power cuts.

On City roads lay the traffic for hours, flowing bumper to bumper at five o’clock

I sat there waiting in our car, while my mind is wandering around.

I find these random people, (strangers) traveling along ,

Some enjoying the music of rain on the roads and cars,

Some cursing the rain for crashing their plans,

And the bikers trying to ride thru the gaps of vehicles,

To be the first one to start on the traffic lights turning green

Some people walking with umbrellas to not to get wet on the sidewalks.

I don’t know their story, but, I know that,

They have a purpose to this journey, so there lays hope.

Rain has come down not just to sweep away our sorrows and melt away the fears but make us realize the priorities of life

Watching people going through this and making sense of their lives and this world in this chaotic situation made me feel,

It is by going through dark times, we value light

It is when we feel the pain, we enjoy joy

It is when we know our weakness, we find our strength

Through the good and bad times, I wish we should have it all, to be humble and strong

I cannot help myself, but feel the touch of harmony and chaos of the rain in our lives at some point of time.


Pic Source: Onehdwallpaper.com









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