Letter to the world by God

To the World of Humans , I watched you, discriminate yourselves in black and white, I watched you, deem others unequal with a glance of their caste and profession, I watched you, fight with your brothers over a religion, I watched you, make your partner feel, emotionally weak, I watched you, hate your brothers over … Continue reading Letter to the world by God

The Truth Isn’t Relative, But You Are

It’s so true, we only see to the extent of our perception.I enjoyed reading this 🙂



I’m sure there are people out there who think there is no truth, or that the truth is relative. But I don’t.

I also don’t believe that truth is as simple as the Bible said it, I believe it.

I am extremely wary of dogmatism, yes. I would never be an apologist or evangelist. I am, probably, a universalist at heart.

But I don’t believe the truth is relative. How can a truth be relative? It’s an oxymoron.

But this is my one philosophical dogma: truth isn’t relative, but our perception of the truth is. It’s extremely relative. It’s changes based on what we know or don’t know. It varies depending on where and when we were born, what we experienced, what we didn’t experience, what our parents believed, what they rejected, what our culture accepts, denies, or ridicules.

All of those things shape a person’s perception, and our…

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Who saves who?

This post is in support of Adopt a dog month.! These poems are dedicated to all the dog parents and their dogs, who proved the remarkable power of human animal bond, changing their lives  and making world a little better.It is not just we humans saving them, but how helpful they can be with a little … Continue reading Who saves who?

Incarnations of Lord Vishnu..! (Dasavatara)

I drew this painting, taking inspiration from a similar one i found on http://www.thehindu.com sometime back. Dr. Devdutt Pattnaik, one of India's most popular mythologists, wrote about the Avatars of Vishnu in his "Myth=Mithya: A Handbook of Hindu Mythology,rightly said : "Every time dharma is threatened Vishnu mounts his eagle, the mighty Garuda, and comes to … Continue reading Incarnations of Lord Vishnu..! (Dasavatara)

We Are Fragile Things

Nesbit and Gibley

Yes, our people have done the greatest things.
They’ve explored the deepest trenches,
Climbed the highest mountains,
Even travelled to the moon and back.

But we can be fragile things,
Broken by folly and fault,
Taken by tide and turbulence,
Wrought by death and accident.

And we can be mended,
Healed by truth and trust,
Bandaged by season and time,
Recovered by friends and family.

We are fragile things
Broken by loss and fixed with love.

Kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with gold or silver. You may have seen these bowls or vases and they have these beautiful veins of colour across them, where the pottery has been put back together.

This art inspired this piece. I love the idea that something strong, like a bowl or vase, can be broken quite easily, and while one might toss it aside, the other fixes it, and does so…

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Thanks to Generous nature of nature..!

I happened to read a blog post on saving Rhinos from extinction, yesterday being World Rhinos Day. I got curious and checked the endangered species in WWF website to find a list of over a 100 other species. Not to mention, about the species that might have got extinct even before, we discover their existence … Continue reading Thanks to Generous nature of nature..!